Down Pipes

We offer a wide range of downpipes for a variety of applications. Square, Rectangular and Round downpipes are available to suit any style of home, building or factory. Sizes available range to suit any requirements from small drainage up to large commercial applications.

Stratco’s fluted downpipe is available in the most popular sizes of 100×50 and 100×75 in both 1800mm and 2400mm lengths. As well as being visually more interesting, the fluted shape adds strength and provides a modern look that is more suited to today’s housing designs.

Downpipes are rollformed pipe, not only is the downpipe straighter and more consistent in size, it can be rolled to your specific length. This helps you to save on wastage, reduce joints as well as offering quicker and more seamless construction.

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Down Pipes Abel Roofing Perth
Down Pipes Abel Roofing Perth

Downpipes from Abel Roofing will add a stylish modern finish to your home.

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